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                            Harvard Division of Continuing Education

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                            As a member of the Harvard Extension Alumni Association (HEAA), you’re part of a global community of more than 18,000 alumni in more than 100 countries. Connect with fellow graduates and certificate recipients at HEAA events and programs. Access exclusive Harvard resources and facilities. You can also foster a lifelong commitment to education with your goodwill and support, or get involved on campus through mentorships and committees.

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                            harvard extension school commencement

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                            Aug 06, 2024
                            Virtual Event

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                            Aug 13, 2024
                            Virtual Event

                            Join us for a Virtual Social Hour on 8/13!
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                            Degree holders should keep your profile up to date in the University-wide Harvard Alumni Online Directory. Visit the Harvard Alumni Association website to update your contact information and customize your profile page.

                            Update alumni.harvard profile

                            Associate Members should update their Online Services account.

                            Update Online Services


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                            • @HarvardExtAlum
                              "David Malan, of the hit class CS50, was working to perfect online teaching long before the pandemic. Is his method a model for the future of higher education?" Read more http://t.co/FFMqLzd4iP
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                            • @HarvardExtAlum
                              RT @HarvardExt: We're excited to welcome Nancy Coleman as the new dean of Harvard's Division of Continuing Education, succeeding Huntington…
                            • @HarvardExtAlum
                              Congratulations to 2024 Dean’s Prize winner Hadiza Hamma ALM ’20 who is making a big impact on community development in Nigeria. http://t.co/lhMLQkBm2b http://t.co/ynOQO6
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                            Consultant's Toolkit

                            Professional Development Program

                            In this professional development program, you learn the strategies and techniques to effectively diagnose organizational challenges and deliver more effective solutions to your clients.

                            5 Faculty to Study with This Spring


                            These featured spring courses highlight some of our most engaging and influential faculty at Harvard Extension School.

                            Spring registration with a $50 late fee is open through February 3.



                            This new program offers admissions pathway for MITx Micromasters students seeking to earn Masters of Liberal Arts degrees in the fields of Management, Sustainability, and Development Practice.

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